River Iijoki - Rapid Fishing Area

Season: 1.6. – 31.10. (fishing of brown trout prohibited between 11.9.-15.11.)
Nature of area: Backwoods rapid area, calmly flowing water, lakes and swamp ponds
Situated: Beside the road Nr. 840, leading from Taivalkoski towards Jokijärvi. From the main road there are forest roads which bring you to the riverside.

Area: The 20km long rapids fishing area between Jokijärvi and Taivalkoski centre offers excellent spots for fishing grayling and trout.  The same goes for river Kostonjoki starting 200 metres upstream from the Taivalkoski-Posiontie bridge to river Iijoki.  There are 22 rapids and fast-flowing areas. Backwoods river area, reached by gravel roads, is excellent for grayling fly fishing. The terrain is effortless and there are several lean-to shelters and campfire sites.

Map: Isosyöte-Kylmäluoma 1:50 000.
Services: By the riverside lean-to shelter and shelter huts. In Kurtti and Jokijärvi accommodation in hotel, hostel or cabins

Species: Trout, grayling, white fish, perch, pike, burbot, pikeperch   
Forms of Fishing: Casting, fly fishing
Fisheries management: Fish stocking: Trout, grayling, white fish, pikeperch,
Catch quotas: 5 grayling and 3 trout per day
Muut rajoitukset: During the fishing season it may occure that fishing in certain parts are forbidden for a short time after fish stocking has been done. Fishing trout is forbidden between 11.9. – 15.11..
Minimum sizes: Grayling 35 cm, trout 40 cm, salmon 60cm

Prices of licences:
10 €/vrk
20 €/viikko
40 €/kausi

Selling of licences:
TB- huoltamo (”Koillistie Ay”), p. +359 (0)8 841 595, Kuusamontie 10, 93400 Taivalkoski
Saijan Lomakartano, p. +358 (0)8 847 511, Saijantie 8, 93400 Taivalkoski www.saija.fi
Metsäkylän kyläkauppa, p. +358 (0)8 845 106, Metsäkyläntie 317 A, 93590 Vanhala
Jalavan kauppa, p. +358 (0)8 841 005, Mikonkuja 2, Taivalkoski www.jalavankauppa.net
Pudasjärvi: Neste Pudasjärvi, Pietarilantie, Pudasjärvi, p. +358 (0)8 822 522
Suomussalmi: TB- huoltamo, p. +358 (0)8711 052, Kalliokatu 2, 89600 Suomussalmi

More information: Hannu Pitkänen, p. +358 (0)40 531 9658
Internet:  www.iijoki.fi/kalapaikat/iijoen-koskikalastusalue
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