About area

Only a short trip away

The municipality of Taivalkoski is located in North Finland, within the Koillismaa area and the tourist region Kuusamo Lapland.

Taivalkoski is right where you want to be. It is so close that you can soon be there – no matter what your transportation preference is.

The nearest airports are in Kuusamo, Oulu and Rovaniemi. Rental car stations you find in Oulu, Kuusamo or also in Rovaniemi Airport. From Oulu and Kuusamo Airport, Taivalkoski is served 8 times on weekdays and 4 times on weekend days by public bus via Oulu or Kuusamo main station. In Oulu you must transfer from the arrival to the departure busstation about 10 min. on foot.

A train connection you have between Helsinki and Oulu with connecting bus service to Taivalkoski 8 times on weekdays and 4 times on weekend days.

Private car: Taivalkoski is a good destination to reach by car. We are a 10 hours drive away from Helsinki. There are also autotrains between Helsinki and Oulu. Finland you reach by ferry boats from Sweden (Stockholm), Estonia (Talin) or from Germany (Rostock or Travemünde).

Key distances by land:

- Kuusamo 64 km
- Ranua 80 km
- Oulu 154 km
- Kajaani 210 km
- Rovaniemi 210 km
- Helsinki 777 km