Hiking & Nordic Walking

Wilderness trails - A hiker’s paradise

We welcome all those with a sense of adventure and friends of nature to explore the magnificent landscapes of the Koillismaa area, to traverse the soft trails, and to take on the great woodlands and expansive tree-covered hills. The nature of Koillismaa is open to all those who are open to all the adventures it has to offer.

Enjoy being among nature and seeing all that nature has to share!

Wander along the fell and forest trails

From the various trails, the splendid diversity of nature in the Koillismaa area is revealed. Here you will find magnificent tree-covered hillsides, peaceful brooks, sparkling lake waters, ponds, springs and moorlands, marshes and even a proper spruce swamp.

Within the vicinity of the settled areas and beyond, there are naturally signs of forest management, but even these are a natural part of the wooded landscape of Finland.

While walking the wilds in this area, you are bound to meet up with a reindeer, and it wouldn't be unusual to see a moose as well. The area is home to an abundant number of fowl, and there is always an eagle circling high above. One might even hear the growl of a bear rumbling through the wilds. Here is a choice of nice paths:

  • Scenery path on Taivalvaara 5 km
  • Taivalkoski-Pahkakuru-Atsinki-Taivalkoski 34 km
  • Taivalkoski-Siikavaara-Taivalkoski 14 km
  • Taivalkoski-Syöte 40 km
  • Taivalkoski-Kallioniemi 34 km
  • Taivalkoski-Kylmäluoma 37 km
  • Church path Huovisen-Sirniö. On the way you find 7 shelter-roof buildings, 1 kota and 2 fire places
  • Simosenpolku (Parkingplace: Romppasensalmi bridge - Jokijärvi) More information
  • Kikarilampi path from Kolmiloukko to Ylimaa 5 km
  • Pyhitiys fjell
  • Soiperoinen area
  • Syöte National Park

Nordic Walking Park Taivalvaara

Experience Finland's first Nature Fitness Park®, located in the beautiful nature of Taivalvaara. The park contains a range of 6 specialized Nordic walking routes with different lengths and difficulties.

These providers offer hiking programs or guiding.

Hotel Herkko - Sometimes you just need a break

Hotel Herkko is a peaceful, cosy hotel close to nature.The hotel is located near to the village of Taivalkoski and next to Taivalvaara Fell. Guests are received as is customary here, spontaneously and without pretence.

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Outdoor Center & Campground Kylmäluoma - Camp life

A restaurant, cottage accommodation, boats, minigolf, tennis, badminton, fishing. Mountain bikes, cross-country skis and fishing equipment can be hired on site.

Read more: www.kylmaluoma.com, www.luontoon.fi

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Saijan Lomakartano

Saija Lodge is a family business located on Lake Jokijärvi in Taivalkoski, amidst the landscape described so aptly in the novels of author Kalle Päätalo. The lodge offers accommodation, dining and programmes to groups, families and individual guests.

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Wilderness Cabin Kutinjoki

Wilderness cabin for summer use by the river Kutinjoki. No electricity, no running water in the cabin. Fireplace and gas heating, compost toilette. Traditional sauna in separate building.

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