Magical snow-covered trails, sleds pulled by energetic and well-trained huskies – the wilderness beyond is nearly untouched. Winter delights at their best! The provider listed below offer tours of 2-3 hours up to 1 week safaris.

The lodge Saija and the Husky Center Kolmiloukko offer guided visits in their husky kennel. Please contact them directly if you want to know more about the work with huskies.


Finn-Jann Huskyfarm

The Finn-Jann Huskyfarm is an outdoor adventure company in Jurmu, 15 km from the centre of Taivalkoski village. Upon request, husky-tours lasting several days can be arranged, as well as short tours for larger groups.

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Husky Center & Camping Kolmiloukko

Located right outside Taivalkoski along route 20, the Husky Center Kolmiloukko offers traditional camping services as well as unforgettable dogsled adventures in winter.

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Saijan Lomakartano

Saija Lodge is a family business located on Lake Jokijärvi in Taivalkoski, amidst the landscape described so aptly in the novels of author Kalle Päätalo. The lodge offers accommodation, dining and programmes to groups, families and individual guests.

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