In this area, winter truly lives up to its name. Of all of Finland, this region will be the most likely to be covered by snow all winter. There is no better way to view this pure, white landscape than to take a fast ride along one of Finland's best snowmobile trails or a more peaceful dogsled tour. Make an excursion into the wilds on snowshoes. The snow and ice attract cross-country skiers to the trails, slalom skiers to Taivalvaara Fell and anglers to try their hand at ice fishing. 

Finn-Jann Huskyfarm

The Finn-Jann Huskyfarm is an outdoor adventure company in Jurmu, 15 km from the centre of Taivalkoski village. Upon request, husky-tours lasting several days can be arranged, as well as short tours for larger groups.

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Hotel Herkko - Sometimes you just need a break

Hotel Herkko is a peaceful, cosy hotel close to nature.The hotel is located near to the village of Taivalkoski and next to Taivalvaara Fell. Guests are received as is customary here, spontaneously and without pretence.

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Husky Center & Camping Kolmiloukko

Located right outside Taivalkoski along route 20, the Husky Center Kolmiloukko offers traditional camping services as well as unforgettable dogsled adventures in winter.

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Saijan Lomakartano

Saija Lodge is a family business located on Lake Jokijärvi in Taivalkoski, amidst the landscape described so aptly in the novels of author Kalle Päätalo. The lodge offers accommodation, dining and programmes to groups, families and individual guests.

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Ski Resort Taivalvaara

The Ski Resort Taivalvaara offers something for everyone; beautiful Finnish landscape and lots of snow, far away from the big crowds. Taivalvaara is a center for down hill skiing, cross-country skiing and ski jumping.  The perfect place to learn skiing or practice your skills. Equipment rental possible.

In Taivalvaara there is a community center building that serves athletes and it can be used for arranging competitions and events. Center building includes a cage/meeting place for 100 persons as well as dressing rooms, showers, sauna, office, 2 commentator rooms and rooms for ski waxing and scores.

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