Finn-Jann Huskyfarm


The Finn-Jann Huskyfarm is an outdoor adventure company in Jurmu, 15 km from the centre of Taivalkoski village. Upon request, husky-tours lasting several days can be arranged, as well as short tours for larger groups. It is also possible to organise the tours in a place specified by the customer.

The farm provides accommodation in double rooms or cottages for up to 4 persons. Each cottage has its own kitchenette, TV, radio, bathroom and shower. Guests have access to the pool, a Lapp hut, a fire pit and, especially for children, a trampoline, sandbox, playhouse, and much, much more!

The farm also owns 3 wilderness camps:
An 8-person cabin with indoor sauna, solar power, a radio, TV, gas cooker and oven and a refrigerator.

A rugged cabin for hunters far from any neighbours. 8-person log cabin. Gas cooker/oven. Separate sauna building. Fresh water is available from the stream that runs alongside the property.

A 6-person cabin for fishermen located at the mouth of River Kuoliojoki. This wood-heated cabin is located next to the best fishing waters in Taivalkoski. The cabin has no electricity, but is equipped with a working gas cooker and refrigerator, and has a wonderful separate sauna building.

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