Eat, Drink & Enjoy

Taste our local food, enjoy the local entertainment

When hunger takes you by surprise, the dining facilities of Taivalkoski meet everyone's wish. Traditional regional delicacies and other delightful treats are available 7 days a week from local entrepreneurs.

People come from far and wide to taste our local bread, which is baked with a hole in the middle. Some of the farm holiday places in the region also provide traditional meals for groups upon request. Or are you in the mood for pizza, plain fare or something adventuresome? Those with large appetites may want to sink their teeth in a juicy steak specially prepared by the Hotel Herkko. It doesn’t get any better than that! 

Go out for a beer, dance, listen to music or enjoy a theatre evening. We have some suggestions where to go.

Here you find the list of all gastronomy services available in the municipality Taivalkoski. Please check the opening hours in advance.

A-Z Food & Entertainment

Here you find a list of all food & entertaining places. Check the opening hours and schedule of programs:

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Bar 2 - A genuine pub atmosphere

Bar 2 is a comfortable pub connected to the hotel. Bar 2 is the ideal place to relax on holiday or after a long meeting. At Bar 2, our quality karaoke system plays weekends or upon request.

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Hotel Herkko - Sometimes you just need a break

Hotel Herkko is a peaceful, cosy hotel close to nature.The hotel is located near to the village of Taivalkoski and next to Taivalvaara Fell. Guests are received as is customary here, spontaneously and without pretence.

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Jalava Village Store

The store is located in the middle of the village Taivalkoski. Stephan Jakowleff, the bag merchant, has founded Jalava Store in 1883. The historical and cultural significant store, which is still open today has been featured in several books of Kalle Päätalo.

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Kosken Toppari - Restaurant

Your place to stop by on the way to the North and back. This restaurant, mini-shop and service Station is located on the mainroad 20 (Oulu-Kuusamo) in the village of Taivalkoski.

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Outdoor Center & Campground Kylmäluoma - Camp life

A restaurant, cottage accommodation, boats, minigolf, tennis, badminton, fishing. Mountain bikes, cross-country skis and fishing equipment can be hired on site.

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Pölkky Summer Theatre

The PÖLKKY theatre is situated in Jokijärvi, about 20km from Taivalkoski center southwards, in the area of the former school Jokijärvi. Adress: Hilturannantie 2, 93400 TAIVALKOSKI.

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Theatre Taivalkoski

The theatre of Taivalkoski has a indoor-theare in the centre of Taivalkoski as well as also a summer theare in the garden of Hotel Herkko.

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Vaaran Gielas

Vaara Sport restaurant, Vaaran Gielas, uses clean, local raw-material. We call it ”wild food”. Our philosoply is, that the faster way from nature to the plate, the better.

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