Iijokisoutu - rowing and paddling event


from Taivalkoski (Jokijärvi Saija) to Pudasjärvi

Rowing- and canoeing event for everybody. The trip starts from the lake Jokijärvi, from Taivalkoski and ends in Pudasjärvi (160km).

Iijoki calls you to row with us!

For the 37th time we will be rowing down the picturesque Iijoki River in traditional wooden boats.

The Iijoki River Rowing event was created in 1983 as a protest against the plans to further dam the river and to build a reservoir that would drown large areas of local wilderness and tradition. Now we have our goals in bringing back the river's native migratory salmon population.

While we´ve rowed to support the freedom of the river and the return of the salmon, the Iijoki Rowing event has grown to be not just a protest, but also a cultural travel event. It is place to be for people looking for a break from routine, to get some fresh air, to experience the local tradition, to enjoy fresh waters, campfires and festivities of Northern Finland during the most beautiful time of the summer.

Iijoki Rowing is not a competition, but a journey to enjoy nature and the landscapes. The landscapes include local countryside and wilderness.

You are albe to join us for a day or two or for the whole five-day row. No prior experience is needed. The boats have experienced coxswains who know how to steer the boats in rapids or other difficult parts, so you'll always be safe.

Sign up and reserve a seat in one of our boats. Come row with us!


Programme and further information: https://www.iijokisoutu.net/11