Sights further away

... are worth a visit

Here you will find a list of recommended attractions in the surrounding communities Pudasjärvi, Posio Ranua, Kuusamo and Suomussalmi.

Hossa & Julma Ölkky

Hossa Hiking Area is about 1 hour by car from Taivalkoski. The area has sparkling clear lakes and rivers, grand ridges and hills and versatile possibilities for hiking.

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Korpihilla & Riisitunturi - Cafeteria & Fjell

The fjell Riisitunturi is situated in our neighbour municipality Posio and it is a national park. It can be reached within 1 1/2 hours by car. Starting from the parking place, you reach the top of the fjell in about 45 minutes on foot.

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Livojärvi - the Riviera of Lapland

On the way from Taivalkoski to Posio you reach after half way the beach of the lake Livojärvi. This long sandy beach is also called the riviera of Lapland.

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Pentik - interior design products

Pentik-mäki Cultur Centre is a renowned cultural and shopping tourism site in the Posio centre, beside the world´s most northern ceramics factory.

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Ranua Zoo - with ice bears

The Zoo of Ranua is a popular attraction for young and old with moose, wolverine, bear, wolf and artic baer.

Ranua can be reached in 1 1/2 hours from Taivalkoski.


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Wooden church & Open-air museum in Pudasjärvi

Pudasjärvi has a beautiful old wooden church, dated from 1781 with a cemetery and an adjoining small open-air museum. The buildings are in very good condition and tell about the former life.

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