Wassersportzentrum Taivalkoski

Das Wassersportzentrum von Taivalkoski liegt am Fluss Iijoki inmitten des Dorfzentrums. Das Zentrum wird vom Freizeitamt der Gemeinde unterhalten und bietet viele Möglichkeiten.

Canoeing Center Taivalkoski

The canoeing center of Taivalkoski is a watersport center with many possibilities. You can train with river kayak, freestyle kayak or do riverboogie rides in our river Iijoki.

River Iijoki - Rapid Fishing Area

Season: 1.6. – 31.10. (fishing of brown trout prohibited between 11.9.-15.11.)
Nature of area: Backwoods rapid area, calmly flowing water, lakes and swamp ponds
Situated: Beside the road Nr. 840, leading from Taivalkoski towards Jokijärvi. From the main road there are forest roads which bring you to the riverside.


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