Welcome to Taivalkoski

Bright spring hues, the magic of the midnight sun and an autumnal blaze of colour. The freely flowing Iijoki River, a touch of the natural wilds, and true peace and quiet. These things signify a source of strength for the Finnish people. Here in North Finland, in Taivalkoski, one has to redefine the concept of time, since this is one place where time slows. Taivalkoski is a true oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A genuine pleasure-lover’s paradise.

The land of a thousand tales

In Taivalkoski, you are at the heart of nature wherever you go. Nature is also visible in our services. We give our guests the opportunity to experience the Koillismaa area in the same way we experience it – a cosy cradle of quietude, which is also always ready for an adventure.

Taivalkoski is the land of a thousand tales, thanks to our own Kalle Päätalo, a local writer who has gained national renown. Taivalkoski’s gift to Finland at large also still has a strong influence on its home region. Taivalkoski gives you the chance to lose yourself in the peace that is Päätalo’s world and bring his stories to life on a personal level. The story landscapes have been charted, recorded and traversed. When Päätalo Week draws Kalle’s faithful fans to Taivalkoski in July, it is sure to win over the hearts of today’s storytellers. New tales will take wing and legends will come to life.