Healthy and pristine nature is an important operating environment for Taivalkoski, and we want to keep looking after it. This is why Taivalkoski has joined Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland programme: to promote the sustainability and responsibility of this region and the local businesses. At the same time, we are committed to the following principles:

Saijan Lomakartano is a pioneer in sustainable tourism and the first tourism company in Taivalkoski that combines profitable business with sustainable values. As a sign of great work, Saija has the Sustainable Travel Finland label. Saija’s goal is to continuously develop its operations and inspire both staff and partners to minimize their environmental impact. Read more about Saija’s great responsibility work and principles:

Saija’s responsibility policy

Travel responsible

The realization of sustainable tourism also requires vigilant behavior from travellers. The traveller’s etiquette developed for the Land of National Parks (Taivalkoski, Kuusamo, Suomussalmi, Pudasjärvi, Posio and Salla) guides us to act responsibly. The etiquette is published in text version as well as in video format. Watch the video below for tips on responsible travels!


Accessibility is a part of social responsibility. You can find out more about accessible services directly from the businesses. For example, there is a range of accessible hiking trails in the Syöte and Hossa National Parks.


There are general recycling paper collection points behind S-Market, in the courtyard of K-Market Taivaltori, behind the town hall, at the end of the municipal depot (Urheilutie 15), at the parking lot of the B-building of the school centre, at the Jokijärvi School, at the Tyrävaara shop and at the Metsäkylä shop. Suomen Paperinkeräys Oy is in charge of the recycling paper collection.

There are collection points for glass, cardboard/cartons and small metal items behind S-Market and in the courtyard of K-Market Taivaltori.

There is a collection point for plastic packaging behind S-Market.

There is no separate collection available for bio-waste, but we still recommend composting.

Combustible construction waste, scrap metal and non-combustible waste must be taken to the Matovaara waste transfer station (for a fee), from where it will be taken to be reused or to the Kuusamo landfill. Large quantities of construction and demolition waste must be taken directly to the Kuusamo landfill. Hazardous waste, e-waste and compostable bio-waste (garden waste, grass, leaves, EXCLUDING rubbish, branches etc) can be taken free of charge to the Matovaara waste transfer station.

You can find Taivalkoski’s recycling instructions and the locations of the recycling locations here.

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