Take Away & Cafeteria


Jalava Village Store

The store is located in the middle of the village Taivalkoski. Stephan Jakowleff, the bag merchant, has founded Jalava Store in 1883. The historical and cultural significant store, which is still open today has been featured in several books of Kalle Päätalo.

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Kosken Toppari - Restaurant

Your place to stop by on the way to the North and back. This restaurant, mini-shop and service Station is located on the mainroad 20 (Oulu-Kuusamo) in the village of Taivalkoski.

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Taiwalkosken Panimo

Taiwalkosken Panimo is a craftsman brewing founded in 2016. The brewery prepares beers for love in the species, and hope that people would find new flavors instead of ordinary beers.

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