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The Korvua-Näjänkäjoki joint permit area is a 110 km long river fishing destination for lure fishing in the sparsely populated borderlands of Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu. The permit area includes dozens of rapids and streams of various length, in the water areas belonging to seven different owners’ associations, one private estate and Metsähallitus.

The rivers were once modified for floating logs, but they have later been rehabilitated to suit salmonids better. The main target catch in this area is grayling, but in some places, you might also be able to catch trout. The fish stock is mostly natural, as no species have been released to the rivers in years. To ensure the vitality of the fish stock, there are tighter permit conditions in this area compared to recreational fishing sites where mature fish have been released. Getting fish is challenging here, but skillful fishing is rewarded with great fish with intact fins that will put up a fight to remember!

There are more than 60 waterfalls in the area, with a number of smaller streams, so there is plenty of room for fishing here. A large number of the waterfalls are accessible by car, but some can be reached only on foot, and there might be almost impenetrable thickets and boulders on the banks.  Most of the waterfalls are situated in forest management areas, but there are also protected waterfall sections in the area, such as old forest conservation areas.

Fishing period 01.06. – 31.10. Trout fishing is banned in rapids and streams 01.09. – 30.11.