Fishing season: 01.01. - 31.12.
Area overview: Lakes, ponds, rivers
Locations: About 20-35 km from Taivalkoski, road 8400 (Jokijärventie)

Jokijärvi area: Fishing in the cultural landscapes of Jokijärvi is an experience in itself. Jokijärvi spans 598 hectares, with the Iijoki River flowing through it. Fishing on this lake is best from a boat. Keep your net handy, as your fishing rod may soon be bouncing with a nice pike or a trout with great fighting spirit. There are boat launching sites at Romppasensalmi and Saijanranta.

Tyräjärvi - Koviojärvi area: Pike perch have been introduced to Tyräjärvi, and some of them have grown into decent-size fish. On summer evenings, pike perch will surface near the middle of the lake, and you are most likely to catch it by trolling with a surface lure from the boat. There are also pike of various sizes in the lake, which might constitute your main catch if pike perch won’t take your bait. If you feel like fishing further from the shore, you can launch lighter boats onto the waters of Tyräjärvi from Pökkelönniemenranta or Hakalanranta.

Rowing & trolling route: Turpeisenjärvi-Murhijoki-Jokijärvi-Tyräjoki-Tyräjärvi- Koviojärvi. The actual distance between the start and end points of the route is only about 4 kilometres, although the distance of the rowing route is about 45 kilometres across calm and safe waters.

Map: IsoSyöte-Kylmäluoma 1:50 000.

Services: Boat launch site, shed and hut, restaurant, shop
Natural fish stock: Pike, perch, roach, whitefish and grayling
Introduced species:
Permitted gear: all
Catch limit: none

Trolling permit prices:
5€ / day
10€ / week
20€ / season

Permits sold at:
Saija Lodge, Jokijärvi Saijantie 8 ph. +358 (0)8 847 511
Jokijärven Lomat, Simosentie 29, p. +358 (0)40 02 5331
Village shop Soronen, Tyrävaara, p. +358 (0)8 846 1322
Antero Lohilahti, p. +358 (0)400 201861
More information:
Jokijärvi village fishing association
Pasi Kivimäki, ph. +358 (0)400 585038,
Kalle Päätalo’s home, Kallioniemi, is open to visitors in the summer. There are exhibitions at the village hall, and a summer theatre in the courtyard.

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