Fishing season: 1.1. – 31.12.
Area overview: Lake
Locations: About 20 km from Taivalkoski towards Kuusamo, along Highway no. 20.

Area: Lake Kostonjärvi (3600 m2) is a rugged and wild trolling site. The fell-like Pyhitysvaara on the western shore dominates the landscape. Most of the local population is concentrated alongside the road on the eastern shore. There is no common permit for the lake, but fishing is permitted on the main part of the lake with one fishing permit. The current trout catch is ensured by constant obligatory releases made by the regulator and the strong vendace stock of the lake. There is a boat harbour on the south side.

Boat launch site: Kalasatama & Risuperä
Natural fish stock: Lake trout, grayling, vendace, trout, grayling, whitefish, pike, perch
Introduced species: Lake trout, grayling
Permitted gear: Lures, nets, fish traps, ice fishing
Measurements: Trout 60 cm, grayling 35 cm
Permit prices:Lure fishing: joint permit for shareholders (the waters of Metsähallitus and the owners’ association) 15€, others 30€


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