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93400 Taivalkoski


From the top of the highest fell in the Syöte National Park, there is an amazing view over the wilderness around Kostonjärvi. The stone slabs on this fell are a remnant of the times when the Sami people lived here. Thousands of years ago, the local tribes tried to guarantee hunting success by sacrificing some of the bounty of the forest and the lake to the gods.

There is a 2 km hike from the parking area to the summit. Half-way along the route, there is a shelter for hikers. Up to the shelter, the route follows a forest road, but after that, it becomes a more challenging trail. Over the course of two kilometres, the elevation increases by 160 metres.

Situated in the northern part of Taivalkoski, Pyhitystunturi is the highest point in Taivalkoski with a height of 422 m.

Starting point: Vaarakyläntie 235-241, Taivalkoski
Length: 2 km
Duration: 2 - 3 h
Passable: a hiking route in the summer. The road is closed from December to May.
Difficulty: Challenging (the route includes steep or rough sections)
Route markings: Route signposts and yellow route markings