The rapids, streams and backwaters of the middle section of Iijoki, between Virtamutka (approx. 1 km upstream from Koivukoski) - Ervast bridge. The total length of the fishing areas is 53.5 km. The most common catches in this area are sizeable graylings and trout. The most common catch in the backwaters is pike. The rapids of the middle section of Iijoki are perfect for fly fishing for grayling, for example. The area has huts and campfire sites, and fishermen can also rest at the Räpättäväkoski shelter. The fish stocks of the river are supplemented with trout and grayling fry.

Permit area:

The waters of Metsähallitus, Jurmu II owners’ association, Lassinniemi owners’ association, Jurmu IV owners’ association, Kellolampi owners’ association, Pintamo owners’ association and Korentojärvi owners’ association between Jurmu-Ervasti, length 54.5 km. At Jurmunkoski, on the western shore, about 650 m into the river, there is a private section of water which is excluded from the permit area.

Fishing period 01.06. – 31.10. Trout fishing is banned between 01.09. – 31.10.


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