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Fishing season: 01.01. – 15.05. and 29.05. (noon) – 31.12.
Area overview: Area consisting of lakes

Locations: The Kylmäluoma hiking area is situated in the north-eastern part of the municipality of Taivalkoski

Area: The area consisting of beautiful pine forest reserves and bogs offers two well-stocked lakes for fishermen, as well as a high-quality campsite with many great cabins and a visitor centre providing café and restaurant services.

The main catches are rainbow trout and trout, and you need not go far from the shore for great fishing spots.The smaller Katkeimalampi is located about a kilometre from the visitor centre, and it is reserved only for fly fishing. Somewhat unusually, the introduced species are grayling and carp. With any luck, you might catch a grayling well over 1.5 kilos with a fly.

Map: IsoSyöte-Kylmäluoma 1:50 000.

Services: Shelter, Hut, Cabin, Own boat, Campfire site, Boat launch site, Boat rental, Float tube

Natural fish stock:
Introduced species: Rainbow trout, Grayling and Trout

Permitted gear: trolling, fly, ice fishing and rod. The use of bait is allowed. Only traditional fly fishing is allowed in Katkeimanlampi during the summer period.

Catch quota:
3-hour permit: 1 salmonid
24-hour permit 3 salmonids
Weekly permit: 2 salmonids / 24 h
Salmonids: Trout, salmon, lake salmon, rainbow trout, grayling
When fishing is over, the catch must be reported at Any released fish must also be reported.

Other restrictions:
It is permitted to use one rod or fishing line per fisherman, when fishing from the shore, from an anchored boat or on ice. The rod must be within the fisherman’s arm’s reach (max 2 m from the fisherman).
When trolling or fly fishing from a boat, it is permitted to use two rods per fisherman.
The use of electric outboard motors is permitted in Iso-Pajuluoma.
The use of float tubes is permitted in Katkeimanlampi.

For fishing anything in Iso-Pajuluoma and Katkeimanlampi, it is required to have a Kylmäluoma rod fishing permit. In Iso-Pajuluoma and Katkeimanlampi, general fishing rights (angling, ice fishing, lure fishing with a fisheries management fee) are banned by a decision made by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Lapland (ELY, d. no. 2280/5710-2015) to safeguard the economic aspects of restocking. In other waters of the Kylmäluoma hiking area, you can fish with the Northern Ostrobothnia - Kainuu (5411) rod fishing permit or under general fishing rights (angling, ice fishing and lure fishing with a fisheries management fee)

Measurements: Trout 60 cm, grayling 35 cm

12 € / 3 h
18 € / 24 h
90 € / week
All people under 18 years of age receive a 50% discount on the permits.

Children under 15 years of age can fish under the permit of an adult in the same group, sharing a catch quota. For children under 15 years of age who are fishing alone, there is a separate weekly fishing permit available for free at the Eräluvat online store.

A family permit is available for fishing at this site. Children under 18 years of age and their parents/guardians are considered to be a family. Married and cohabiting couples are also considered to be a family. The price and catch quota of a family permit is double that of a standard permit. Family permits cannot be redeemed through the mobile system.

The weekly permit is also valid for the Hossa 5502 rod fishing permit area. The rules of the rod fishing permit area in question must be adhered to when fishing.

Permits and more information available at:
Kylmäluoma Visitor Centre, ph. +358 (0)40 500 3476
You can download the Eräluvat app from the Play Store.