Historic & cultural sights

... about the life of timberjacks and the good old time of raftsmen

Many of Kalle Päätalos novels tell about the everyday life of people from Taivalkoski, back in the years. It is not so long time ago, when the last timberjack camps were abandoned and when the last logs were driven down the river Iijoki. History has written many stories. Life here in this area was hard with harsh winters, barren landscape and long distances. The locals didn't speak much, they don't necessarily do today. But if someone starts to tell a story from the past, also the little ones are listening.

Taivalkoski, the land of a thousand stories! 

Art Bridge

The most extensive work of the Northern Ostrobothnian Cultural Fund, over 18 meters timeless art bridge.

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Church of Taivalkoski

The first church of the area was built in 1848 in the village of Jokijärvi, about 20 km. Southeast from the present Taivalkoski village centre. That wooden church was brought into Taivalkoski and it was taken into usage in 1880. Unfortunately, Taivalkoski's first church burnt down in a thunderstorm in July 1925.

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Cultural Center - Päätalo-Center & Art Exibition

The Päätalo-institute is a community in Taivalkoski whose role is to promote and cultivate Kalle Päätalos writing pursuit in its different forms. Therefor Northern Finland´s training centre for writers is located in Päätalo-Institute and different kinds of courses connected with writing are arranged there.

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Fairy-tale trail

Fairy tales from Napero-Finlandia writing contest on 1 km long path on Taivalvaara Herkonmäki. 

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Jalava Village Store

The store is located in the middle of the village Taivalkoski. Stephan Jakowleff, the bag merchant, has founded Jalava Store in 1883. The historical and cultural significant store, which is still open today has been featured in several books of Kalle Päätalo.

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Kallioniemi - Kalle Päätalo's childhood home

Kallioniemi is nowerdays a museum by the lake Jokijärvi. It was the house of Kalle Päätalo's parents, who was a famous local writer. The museum is open during summer/autumn.

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Kenttärata - railway of the 2nd world war

The Germans built a 178 km long railway with narrow gauges from Hyrynsalmi to Kuusamo during World War II. The builders were mainly Russian and Polish prisoners-of-war and German political prisoners.

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Museum Taivalkoski

The museum introduces the life of a local peasant family in Taivalkoski in the 1930s. The main building "Pirtti" was built at the end of 1880 near Mustalampi, Loukusa. The Pirtti was transferred to its present place in 1963.

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Thousands of stories Taivalkoski –cultural trail

1.5 km long cultural trail in the center of Taivalkoski

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