We welcome you to fish at the waters of Taivalkoski

The municipality of Taivalkoski is located in the Northern Ostrobothnia, and the river Iijoki that runs through it provides excellent opportunities for fishing. A wide variety of fish may be caught at Iijoki and its tributaries, and also at several lakes in the area. People come to Taivalkoski even from afar to catch grayling and other valued fish. For example, brown trout may be found skulking in the nooks and crannies of the rapids.  At Taivalkoski’s lakes one may find stocks of pike, whitefish, zander and redfin perch swimming around.

Ijoki is the most southern major river in Finland and it’s about 370 kilometers long. Iijoki flows towards the Bay of Bothnia, and its sources can be found around lake Iijärvi in Kuusamo. Iijoki, as well as its surroundings, perfectly embody the nature of the Northern Finland; the river seems to flow almost endlessly with its numerous rapids and calmly moving currents. Upstream Iijoki and its surroundings are defined by their wilderness, especially around Taivalkoski. You’re welcome to fish at the banks of Iijoki. Good luck fishing!

Fishing guide of Taivalkoski & River Iijoki 2015 (pdf version)

Basic information:
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Permit selling at Taivalkoski or within our area:

Fishing areas and licenses:You can by a license from:
The Fishing Management Fee including Provincial lure fishing license of Oulu (for standing water)

Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu 5411 (for streaming water)
Iijoki rapid fishing areaTeboil-huoltamo, Taivalkoski, tel. +358 (0)8 841 595
Saija Lodge, Jokijärvi, tel. +358 (0)8  847 511
Metsäkylän kyläkauppa, Vanhala, tel. +358 (0)8 845 106
Jalavan Kauppa, Taivalkoski, tel. +358 (0)8 841 005
Pudasjärvi: Neste, tel. +358 (0)8 822 522
More information: Hannu Pitkänen, tel. +358 (0)40 531 9658
Lakes Jokijärvi & Tyräjärvi
(Muhijärvi, Tyräjoki)
Saijan Lomakartano, Jokijärvi Saijantie 8 p. +358 (0)8 847 511
Jokijärven Lomat, Simosentie 29, p. +358 (0)40 022 5331
Kyläkauppa Soronen, Tyrävaara, p. +358 (0)8 846 132
Antero Lohilahti, p. +358 (0)400 201861

Iijoki - The middle course of River Iijoki (area code 5573)

River Kostonjoki

More information/Licences:
Jokikylän kalastuskunta:
Ville Soronen, Koitilantie 41a, p. +358 (0)44 336 1113
Jorma Taivalkoski, Kuusamontie 83, p. +358 (0)40 5935237
Auvo Taivalkoski, Kuusamontie 83, p. +358 (0)40 7208 457

Elehvän kalastuskunta:
Teijo Inget,Inkeentie 33, Inget, p.0500-194051

Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu 5411 (for streaming water)

Lake Kostonjärvi


The Fishing Management Fee including Provincial lure fishing license of Oulu (for standing water)

Kylmäluoma recreational area

Kylmäluoman leirintäalue,  Tyrövaara, tel. +358 (0)8 846 151

Rivers Korvuan - Välijoki (area code 5574)

Kylmäluoma recreation area,  Tyrövaara, tel. +358 (0)8 846 151
Suomussalmi: TB Turjanhovi, Ämmän Erä-Urheilu
Pudasjärvi: Neste Pudasjärvi, Urheilu Ankkuri Oy- Kesport
Kuusamo: Kiutamajat
Kontiomäki: Kainuun Tähti Oy/Shell Kontiomäki
Puolanka Puolangan osteri Ky (Shell)

Lake Polojärvi

More information: Juha Polojärvi p. +358 (0)404420125

Kylmäluoma recreation area,  Tyrövaara, tel. +358 (0)8 846 151
Bits for ice-fishingS-market Joki-Jussi, Kauppatie 11, +358 (0)8 842 249

Several accommodation providers offer fishing equipment & boats as also guided fishing excursions. Contact your favorite accommodation underneath an ask for a detailed fishing-offer:

Erämaamökki Kutinjoki
Jokijärven Lomat
Kylmäluoman Retkeilyalue
Kuuharju mökit
Saija Lomakartano
Taivalkosken Kurko

We herewith present 8 of the nicest fishing destinations in Taivalkoski's area:

Kylmäluoma recreational-fishing area (area code 4525)

Season: 1.1.  – 31.12.
Nature of area: Lakes, ponds
Situated: Kylmäluoma Recreational area is in the northeast of the Taivalkoski municipality (road nr. E63).

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Lake Kostonjärvi

Season: 1.1. – 31.12.
Nature of area: Lake
Situated: From Taivalkoski about 20km along Kuusamo road nr. 20.

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Lakes Jokijärvi & Tyräjärvi (Murhijoki, Tyräjoki)

Season: 1.1. – 31.12.
Nature of area: Lakes & calmly flowing rivers
Situated: Road Nr. 840 from Taivalkoski towards Jokijärvi. The lake Jokijärvi is situated 20km from Taivalkoski and the lake Tyräjärvi 25km.

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River Iijoki - Rapid Fishing Area

Season: 1.6. – 31.10. (fishing of brown trout prohibited between 11.9.-15.11.)
Nature of area: Backwoods rapid area, calmly flowing water, lakes and swamp ponds
Situated: Beside the road Nr. 840, leading from Taivalkoski towards Jokijärvi. From the main road there are forest roads which bring you to the riverside.

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River Iijoki - the middle course (area code 5573)

Season: 1.6. – 31.10. (fishing of brown trout prohibited between 11.9. – 31.10.)
Nature of area: Backwoods rapid area
Situated: Beside the road N861, leading from Jurmu to Posio and road Jurmu - Parviainen. Near main road Oulu-Kuusamo (Nr. 20).

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River Kostonjoki

Kalastuskausi:Koko vuosi (Elehvän kalastuskunta: 1.6. -30.9.)
Alueen luonne: Koski- ja suvantokalastuskohteita, järvikalastus.
Sijainti: Oulu-Kuusamo -tien (nro 20) tuntumassa, n.13 km Taivalkoskelta.

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Rivers Korvuanjoki & Näljängänjoki (area code 5574)

Fishing season:  1.6. (klo 12.00) - 31.10
Nature of the area:  The area includes dozens of waterfalls and power stations of varying lengths.
Location:  Metsäkylä

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